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Katie Spencer Album Launch 01.03.19 32.j

Photo: Rich Duffy

Here is what Katie says about the community:

I love creating things. And that is why I have set up a Patreon account. I want to share these creations & allow you (the folks who enable me to continue on this journey) to have a little piece of them too.


Patreon is a website that enables you, lovely supporters, to become active participants in my work, by offering a monthly membership in exchange for creative goodies. You get access to exclusive content, insights into my creative process & we build an interactive community together. There are four membership tiers, that you can explore at your own leisure, to decide which one works best for you. 

It is something that we can all be a part of as a creative community. Essentially it means that, with your support I can continue to create music, and you can carry on receiving high quality material from me.

Each month, there are a handful of things on offer. These could be exclusive videos filmed in favourite locations of mine, insights into my creative process, and what I get up to ‘backstage’, exclusive recordings – these could be live recordings or unheard demos, you can also gain access to guitar tablature and other pieces of artwork, exclusive livestreams, personal interactive Q&A sessions via Zoom, and one to one guitar tutorials. The list goes on. 



Monthly goodies include:

Demo / live / new release - audio

Backstage insight

Recorded video


Industry interview





One-to-one guitar-based tuition/chat

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