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Recorded with two longstanding members of the John Martyn band, ‘Hurt In Your Heart’ is a collection of songs that defined Katie Spencer’s musical upbringing. Often described as John Martyn’s most emotive work, ‘Hurt In Your Heart’ found it’s home on 1980’s ‘Grace and Danger’, an album that was nearly held from release by Island Records due to its stark intensity.

Committed to tape in rural Lincolnshire at Steinway Recording, the sessions for this EP were all captured as live performances, with the three musicians; Spencer Cozens, Alan Thomson and Katie Spencer engaged in an intuitive re-imagining of John Martyn’s vision.

Timeless, yet with nuances of John Martyn’s 1977 album ‘One World’, Steinway piano, fretless bass and deep waves of swirling guitar create the rich canvas on which Katie Spencer lays down the most striking vocal performance of her career.


"Katie captures the feel of Martyn’s most sublime work perfectly." – Northern Sky

“It would take a brave artist to cover John Martyn’s atmospheric late-night classic, Small Hours. So, step forward, Katie Spencer.” – Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

"The legacy of John Martyn is a collection of music that reaches deep into the heart and soul of those who feel the space in the notes and the grace of the songs. With these three songs, Katie Spencer proves she understands John Martyn and The Hurt In Your Heart." – Folk Radio UK

"Katie's effortless vocal glides across songs of stark beauty, adding a hushed, dreamlike quality to these superb performances" – RnR Magazine

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