'Weather Beaten is a grand pleasure'

★ - RnR Magazine

'A world-class folk guitarist'


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“Katie’s guitar playing has echoes of my dear friend the late great Bert Jansch. Like a musical weaver she threads her poetic lyrics through the guitar’s strings and produces little tapestries of song.”

Ralph McTell


“The way Katie plays is never contrived, showy or imitative; it sounds true … a world-class folk guitarist”


“Great discoveries are always a pleasure and Katie Spencer’s debut album Weather Beaten is a grand pleasure”

RnR Magazine

“What a gem! Packaged with vintage minimalism, this remarkable collection of original songs has a richly rewarding poetic depth in setting of complex simplicity. Katie is a remarkably fine singer with a distinctive assured voice that is very much her own in a time when female folk vocals seem overburdened by imitated archetypes. One is reminded of the impact of Joni’s vocals at a time when American female folk singers all seemed sub-Baez of ersatz-Collins. Trust me, one day, someone will describe this as a classic album with captures the early KS with perfection. It’s an album you need to hear.”

Tykes News

 “If you like quality folk guitar playing and singing, all interwoven with thoughtful and clever lyrics, you will love this album and, like me, be blown away by Katie Spencer”


“Circling crystal shimmering fingerpicked guitar … delicate, pastoral folk”

“Moody vocals blending with deft guitar playing resulting in a haunting mellowed haze easing from art creator to art receiver with very little in between”

Three Chords & The Truth

“Just a few bars of her intro to the opening track convinces me of her prowess as a guitarist even before she opens her mouth to sing. Sensitive, poetic and perfectly judged, and executed with a confidence and skill, and experience, that would seem to belie her 21 years … She makes her own quietly ingenious musical statement through the notes and silences, making every note, phrase and musical punctuation mark count in a deft, elegant and intelligently undemonstrative fashion … Katie’s stylish blend of warmth and precision proves intensely captivating: I’d urge you to investigate her music soon!”

Folk Radio

“A fine album in every way”

Maverick Magazine

“Katie Spencer weaves through her vision with the intricacy of one skilled and blessed with the patience of a painter, of a poet searching on the beach for the right word in amongst the million broken shells and compacted illusions”

Liverpool Sound & Vision

“Weather Beaten, the new album from Katie Spencer blows in with a storm of fresh air … it raises goose bumps on my arms”

Tony Haynes

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