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© Katie Spencer 2018

Short Film 'The Same Water' OUT NOW!

"The heartbeat of the film is Katie’s storytelling through her lyrics and I used these, along with the interview footage we filmed, to weave a narrative amongst the songs that tells us who Katie is and why she makes the music she does. The film also features scenes shot in places that are meaningful to Katie’s music and that have inspired some of the songs in the film."

- Patrick Mateer

'The Same Water' is a short film capturing progressive folk artist Katie Spencer through live performance and interview. The film was commissioned by Warren Records and filmed and directed by Patrick Mateer.


Online premiere from Wake The Deaf here.


Live songs taken from the film are available for FREE download, or to purchase a LIMITED EDITION CD click here.


The short film was commissioned by The Warren (PRS for Music Foundation Talent Development Partner).

Single Release + Video Premiere - 04.05.17

Short Film Release + Premiere - 04.10.16

'Children (Don't You Know)' is a single taken from Katie Spencer's debut studio release: 'Good Morning Sky'. Released on 20th May 2017, available to order here.


Watch the video above, directed by Patrick Mateer.


And visit the online premiere from Folk Radio UK here.



Katie's Mini-Album 'Good Morning Sky' was recorded at Ca Va Sound, Glasgow.

Produced by Brian Young + Katie Spencer.

Featuring Ted McKenna, Foss Paterson, Brian Young, Fraser Speirs & Tim O'Connor.

"It explores the idea that the child is ever-present in the adult, proving that age really is just a human construct when building relationships with people ... It was fun to record this track too, as we burrowed deeper into the meaning of the song (to be child-like vs. being childish). The dark and light are exaggerated, to show the contrast between youthfulness and age – whilst the electric guitar stumbles like a two-year-old, eventually reaching a soaring mature crescendo."

- Katie Spencer, for FRUK

Katie Spencer & Band Film - 20.05.17

Katie Spencer & Band at Kardomah94, Hull // 'Good Morning Sky' Mini-Album Launch // 20th May 2017


Featuring: Ted McKenna | Foss Paterson | Robert Peirson


Cameras by Brendan Storch, Alex Davies & Alex Krasteff.


Film produced by INIT Creative.


Live sound recorded, mixed & mastered by Martin Wharton.

“Katie’s guitar playing has echoes of my dear friend the late great Bert Jansch. Like a musical weaver she threads her poetic lyrics through the guitar’s strings and produces little tapestries of song.”

Ralph McTell